Getting to Australia

For a Mexican -like me- to get to Australia takes a very, very long journey with a very particular process. I, myself, had to travel for about 36 hours to get down here after completing some requirements for my visa.

As a Mexican you need a visa to get to Australia, even if you just come here as a tourist. I got a student visa, which allows me to be in the country for the time my studies are being taken. In order to get my student visa I had to take medical exams and it was sent to me electronically after the embassy checked all the documents I sent them. What I loved about the Australian visa process is that you can make it online. I only went to the embassy to get my photo and fingerprints taken.

After getting my student visa approved, the next step was to get a flight to Australia. I found that the cheapest and fastest way to get to this side of the world was in a flight with United Airlines. The flight had two stops. The first one in San Francisco, where I had to wait for 2 hours for my next plane to L.A., where I was stuck at the airport for 8 hours. I wish I had the chance to leave the airport in both cities because those are two places that I love and it’d be nice to spent some time hanging around those beautiful cities while waiting for my flight.

In L.A. I took a 16 hours flight straight to Melbourne, Australia. Traveling with UA wasn’t a great option. The flight attendances were really nice but the plane isn’t very comfortable and the airline lacks of good service (meals aren’t good, they want to charge for everything), so if you are planning on visiting Australia you should look for another airline company. I’ve heard Quantas is the best option for this long flight but  Air New Zealand is an other good option (I traveled with them once to Auckland, NZ and their service was excellent).

So, getting to Australia isn’t easy or fast but it’s a journey that is worth doing. I just have bee here for a week and I am very much in love with this country and its people. The landscapes here are breathtaking and all the persons that I’ve met so far have been really nice in all sort of ways. Besides, every afternoon, when I go for a walk to watch the sunset I get to see a lot of beautiful kangaroos taking a rest in a field near my home.

I am very excited about having the chance to live the Aussie life. I am always thankful when I get to visit a new place but I am even more thankful when I have the opportunity to visit it not as a tourist but as a resident. I am very thrilled about all the new experiences I’m about to live in this amazing country and I hope you join me with your lecture.

See you soon 🙂


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