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Looking the other way

Australian cars have the steering wheel on the right side of the vehicle. It means that they drive in the opposite side of the rode as almost all the countries in the world do it (with the exception of England, NZ, Japan, India and a few others). This has been giving me a lot of “trouble” since I tend to look into in the wrong direction of the road when I’m crossing a street.

Walking around the city has become some sort of extreme sport. I am a very distracted person which complicates this situation even more. There have been several times when cars almost ran over me. It’s a luck Aussies are very carefully while driving, because otherwise I would be a corp by now. Off course I have saved myself a few times with my super sporty skills (hahahaha) but I have to remember to pay more attention when I walk in around, specially if I’m about to cross a street.

It is quite an experience to get used to walk around the streets of this country. I’m glad I’m doing this transition in a small town with a few cars and not in a big city with a heavy traffic, because it would make things more stressful and dangerous for a distracted guy like me. But being in a country where people drive in the opposite side of the car, it is a nice way to learn to look to the other way not only when crossing the streets but in life itself because you never know what come to you from the other way.


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