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Learning to speak Australian

I’ve been studying English since I was about 5 years old. It is a language that I like and in which I feel very confortable expressing myself. That was until I got to Australia. Here I’ve been having a little bit of problems with the idiom.

There’s a saying that prays: “French is the language of love, Italian is the language of music, English is the language of business and Spanish is the language of God”. I don’t quite agree. I think they are forgetting the language of abbreviations: Australian. Yes, I know that probably you are thinking: “This boy is stupid, English is the official language in Australia” and I thought that too, until I got to this beautiful land and I couldn’t understand a thing!!!

Let me explain myself. Off course Aussies speak English but they have appropriated it in a way that they have created their own version of the language. Aussies like slang and abbreviations and they use them a lot when they’re speaking. This for a guy like me, familiarized with the american way of speaking English, was quite an experience. I’m sure my new friends and roomate thought I was some kind of idiot because I made them repeat and/or explain everything two times (and sometimes even three or four times) because I was having trouble understanding what they meant when they talked to me. After three weeks in Australia, I haven’t quite get the way English is spoken here but I love how they have owned this idiom. English is so universal and Aussies have made it unique and at the same time, if you put attention, you can easily understand them and the best part is that they always understand you and are willing to help you understand them.

If you’re coming to Australia to study or for holidays, this video may help you to understand the Aussie way of speaking English (at least it helped me)… Enjoy:


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