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Andy Warhol and Ai WeiWei exhibition

I’m back after so long. I will try to be more active over here. 🙂

One of the things I enjoy the most is going to art galleries and museums. I like those places because they show me different visions about the world and I can learn new stuff about humans, a place and/or even myself. Unfortunately I don’t go to museums as much as I’d like.  However, at the beginning of the year I visited the exhibition about Andy Warhol and Ai WeiWei that is running in the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. I really recommend the exhibition because it if full of color and design within a very interactive environment. I specially think it is a very good way to bring kids closer to museums because the exhibition has specific explanations for them and there is a section called Cat’s studio made specially for them.

Here are some of my pics from my visit to the NVG. I hope you enjoy them.




for more pictures about the Andy Warhol & Ai WeiWei exhibition please visit my tumblr site:

Cheers, mates!

Alonso 🙂


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