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Happy Aussie Day!

Happy Aussie Day to all my friends from the land of the kangaroos! I feel so bless to be able to spend some time of my life in this beautiful country. To celebrate the most important day in this land I want to share with you some of the things I like the most about this country.

  1. The hospitality of the people. Australians are more cool than you can imagine. They are not very fond of physical contact like Latinos but they are pretty nice and very friendly all the time.
  2. The slang. English language in Australia is very particular. Aussies have their own version of English and have a very particular way to name stuff. Do you want an example, here it is: “See you this arvo to watch the footy on the telly while we eat some burgers with avo from Maccas”… This phrase in regular English would be: “See you this afternoon to watch the football game on the tv while we eat some burgers with avocado from McDonalds” (I definitely stay with the Aussie version, it is way more fun).
  3. “No worries”. This Aussie phrase is occupied  almost all the times when you ask for something or say thanks or ask forgiveness but rather than being only a common phrase, I feel it is a philosophy of life that people here seem to truly believe because apparently they live without any worries.
  4. The chocolates. I LOVE the number of combinations they make the chocolates: with jelly beans, with peanuts, sweet of all kinds, with crunch biscuits, caramel, etc., etc.
  5. The word Mate. This word is the equivalent for “dude” in this country and I am a fan of it because this word is not sappy as the American “dude” but it is not aggressive.
  6. The Hipster influence. All towns and cities that I’ve visited in this land are influenced by this movement. I love that here people are fan of lumberjack type beards, music with pop-indie-folk-electronic influences, all their wood decoration, graffitties, etc.
  7. The multicultural society. I love that Australian society is full of people with heritage from all over the world because that makes everyone feel welcome in this country.
  8. Beaches. Australia is famous for its beaches and there’s no wonder why. All the beaches I’ve visited are beautiful and just to see them makes you want to get into the ocean and swim (even when you know they are also famous for their shark attacks, LOL).
  9. The amazing nature. It is very impressive to see the tremendous amount of beautiful  (and sometimes dangerous) animals that inhabit this side of the world and the ease you can run into one of them.
  10. The sunsets. In my life I’ve never seen such beautiful sunsets as those that occur in Australia. Every arvo (lol) the sky is painted with many colors. Sometimes the sunset paints the sky in orange, sometimes in red, sometimes in purple and sometimes even in green. Australia has sunsets that make to fall in love even the most indifferent person on the planet.

Australia is a country that has many things to offer and I could fill a much larger list with things I’ve come to love about this country but I think many things are best left in mystery so that when you visit this wonderful place you get surprised the way I did.

Koala hugs!!!





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