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Uluru and Kata Juta National Park

One of the things that attracted me the most about Australia was its sacred place Uluru. Since I knew about this country I knew I had to visit this heritage site the moment I landed a foot on Australia. This weekend, after 7 months in the land of the kangaroos, I had the opportunity to visit Uluru and I couldn’t be more impressed about it.

Uluru is estimated to be around 600 million year old. Some people believe it is the oldest geological formation in Earth. It would have sat at the bottom of a sea, but today it stands 348m above the flat Australian desert and 863 above sea level. One of the most amazing features of this monolith is that its color changes depending on how the sunlight gets to it.

Near Uluru there is an other amazing rock structure called Kata Juta, which is as impressive as Uluru but it is almost 200 m taller than Uluru. Kata Juta in the aboriginal language means “many heads” and is also know as Mount Olga or The Olgas. Nowadays it still works as a ceremonial site, which is the reason its access is more restricted than Uluru.

Both places are related to ancient legends from the aboriginal mythology (some of them unknown for the occidental people). This is why both places are very sacred  for the aboriginal people of Australia. However, Uluru its open to the world thanks to the kindness of the aboriginal people so everyone can explore it (with some restrictions to respect the sacredness of the site). The aboriginals take care of both places altogether with Australia’s environmental and heritage authorities to ensure the conservation of the heritage of these sites.

Being there during this weekend was an amazing experience for me. This place reminded me about the importance of being in contact with Mother Nature in the deepest possible way, to listen to her and to protect it because we are all connected throw the nature. I think aboriginal cosmogony is full of wisdom because it is about being sync with everything and everyone that surround us.

If you ever come to Australia, you must visit Uluru because it is a place full of a magical energy and beautiful landscapes.


For more pictures from my trip to Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park visit my tumblr page here.

Cheers mates!



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