experiences, life

Thirty one

When I look into the mirror, I still find it hard to believe that I have been walking the path of life for 31 years. Not because I think that I don’t look my age, but because I still recognise in my eyes the same desire to ‘eat the world’ I had when I was 17. Paradoxically, it is that same look the one reminding me that I left behind that 17-years-old Alonso a while ago.

The dichotomy I find looking at myself in the mirror is only the reflection of life itself… of my own life. My journey through this world has been a road full of constant contrasts.

I have been fortunate to leave my country and travel far; and I have the privilege of having a place I can call home. I have known the tranquility of taking a road knowing where I am going; and I have had the courage to walk without having no clue of where I am going. I have sought for other people’s approval; and I have been empowered through a “I don’t give a fuck”. I have been fortunate enough to win the jackpot without even buying a lottery ticket; and I have experienced the misfortune of losing a dream to which I bet all my cards. I have suffered the pain of breaking someone’s heart; and I have enjoyed the pleasure of loving and being loved in return. In this journey I have been born as many times as I have died … but 31 years later, I am still standing and with my head held high.

I intend to continue walking the path of life enjoying every step and learning with every fall. I promise to surrender to change but, at the same time, to remain faithful to my essence, so that in 31 years, when I look in the mirror, I stumble upon the same double-laden gaze that I found this morning.


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