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I resist, therefore I persist

When I finished my bachelor’s degree in 2009, I had a hard time coping with the process of finding work. I remember being isolated, frustrated, depressed, and in a bad mood all the time. I even had a cousin that nicknamed me “The Beast” (ha ha ha). Fortunately, after a few months, I managed to land a job and my panorama changed radically. Since then, I promised not to let anxiety get over me again.

Today I am living a similar situation. A few months ago, I finished my master’s degree and soon after that, my job contract was terminated. Suddenly I was unemployed in a foreign country. However, this time my feelings are different from those of 8 years ago. Looking for work in Australia is a very complex process: you have to write a lot of key selection criteria and cover letters to apply for vacancies. Writing an application takes me between 2 and 4 days. And most of the times, I get no response.

It seems to be true that phrase that says that time is the best teacher. I thinks so because, even when anxiety invades me from time to time, now I feel able to recognise it and I can face it with better strategies. This time I’m not letting bad mood to overcome my patience. Now I’m taking care of the situation instead of worrying about it:

  •  I have asked for feedback to the work-places that have interviewed me in order to write better applications and do better at future interviews.
  • I ask for help … it is not easy to ask for help but it is very necessary. My applications are greatly improved when a friend or teacher reviews them. The look of a foreign eye detects mistakes, grammatical errors and, above all, lets me know if what I wrote has coherence and agrees with what the vacancy is asking for.

I am aware that searching for a job is a long process and requires a lot of patience; looking for that in a new country is doubly complicated. Being aware of this does not make things easier or helps me to avoid the anguish and despair. But I’m also sure that with every job application and every interview that comes out, I get a little bit closer to the job I’m looking for. That is enough for me to not quit. I will continue resisting because I know that, at the most unexpected moment, I will persist.


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