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Wonder: Millenial’s The Little Prince

Last week I read Wonder by R. J. Palacio and I was deeply touched by it. I feel with the moral obligation of recommending this book because since the first chapter, it made me connect with the child I was and, at the same time, it taught me a lot about the adult I want to be.

Wonder tells us the story of August, a boy who was born with a facial malformation, so his parents never sent him to school. At the age of 10, August goes to school for the first time. Due to his physical condition, August faces the scrutiny of his classmates from the first day of classes.

The premise of the book made me question my human condition and, particularly, to reflect about children’s humanity. August’s story is told through himself and the other children that are part of his life: his sister, his friends from school, his sister’s boyfriend. This characteristic of using multiple narrators gives perspective and authenticates the story and, above all, makes the anecdote of the book very endearing, so much that I would dare to consider the text of Palace as The Little Prince of the millennial era.

A thing that I loved about Wonder is that all the characters feel close and very human. In each character it is easy to recognise virtues, defects, fears, dreams, guilt and happiness; and, like any child in the world, at times they can be very cruel but they are also full of courage and kindness. This manifest humanity in the characters makes it impossible to not connect with them, especially with Auggie, the main character. Auggie is adorable from the beginning until the end of the story, which helps to create an instant connection with him and also because everyone, at some point in life, has felt rejected by others.

Wonder managed in a very funny way to make me reflect deeply on my human condition. Auggie’s story made me think about how much the rejection I have received conditions the kindness I give to others. But the greatest value that I found in this book is that it reminded me that, beyond our physical appearances, the language we speak, our tastes or our socioeconomic condition, what makes us equal to all human beings is the need that we all have of wanting to belong to the different social groups in which we live.

Give your soul a hug and know the story of Agguie, you will not regret it. Wonder‘s story is so powerful that it will change the way you see the world. And I promise you that when you finish the book, your heart will beat with much more love because Auggie’s story will remind you that, in essence, we are all wonderful.

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Title: Wonder Author: R.J. Palacio Rating: ★★★★★ Favourite quote: "Everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their life because we all overcome the world" . True to its title, this book is a wonder. It should be a compulsory reading for every person , as the story in this book makes the reader reflect on the kindness we give to the world. Part of the greatness of Wonder comes from the fact that the story is told by Auggie (the main character) and all the children that are part of his life: his sister, his best friends, his sister's boyfriend… this characteristic gives perspective to the story and makes it easy to identify with it. All the characters in Wonder are unique and very human. All of them have flaws and qualities and like any kid in the world: sometimes they are really mean but also they're full of bravery and kindness. It is impossible to not connect with them; specially with Auggie, the main character, because we've all felt rejected at some point in our lives. What I love the most about this story is that it reminded me that, no matter how we look, what we do or how we feel… we are all wonders 🙂 Give yourself a treat and read this book 📚 . . . #Wonder #JRPalacio #booksactually #readingforfun #readingbuddy #estellagram #readingsucks #bookstagram #bookfetish #booksonbooksonbooks #readingisawesome #readingisawesometastic #booktastic #bookgasm #bea13 #booksigning #booksworthreading #readinglist #bookswag #readingisfundamental

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