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From friendship to love there are only 2 years of separation: I fell in love with my best friend!

I have been passionate about love stories since I was a child. I used to dream of having a relationship worthy of a Hollywood movie. For a long time I longed for a guy who was just like the ones I saw in the movies, although deep down I knew that these men do not exist in real life. What can I do… I’m a hopeless romantic!

Every time I went out with a guy, I used to think that I had met the perfect person for me. I even imagined that things worked out and we ended up married, with children and traveling the world (I know, I’m an intense person). However, although I always came across great human beings, my rom-com movie love story did not happen.

Over time, I began to believe that I was not made for love relationships. So, I decided to learn to have a good time with me. Loneliness became my friend and taught me to know and to love myself. But deep down, I kept asking the universe to cross my path with someone special. Two years ago, the universe listened to me … and granted my desire.

In November of 2015 I met Mark. From the first moment we met, I knew he was someone I wanted to bring into my life. He is a very kind, funny, generous, intelligent … With the passing of months, he became my best friend (although at that time I did not think where he would go our history).

A year after we met, in November of 2016, Mark moved into the house that we now share. That was the moment when I stopped living in a house and started living in a home. Since Mark moved into this house I now have someone to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with; with whom to share my reading nights; someone to tell him about my day and that tells me about his; we started making trips together and also some plans … Without realising it, I had put aside the “I” to make room for “us”.

I had idealised so much the image of the man I was waiting for, that I didn’t realise that everything I had always looked for was next to me! Until one day Mark told me he had feelings for me. I freaked out, it was something I did not expect (or something I did not want to see). When I realised that Mark was what I had always asked for, but I did not know what to do and I just froze. Fear seized me: What if I ended up hurting him or if he hurts me? Would it be worth risking our friendship? What if it doesn’t work?

At the end, I decided to open up my heart and take the risk. And I’m very happy. Mark is not the Hollywood heartthrob that I’ve always dreamed of … he is much better, because he’s real! I love the fact that we are still best friends, only now we are better friends with benefits… hahaha. I love sharing life with him, because he respects me, supports me, entertains me, lets me contribute things to his life and, above all, makes me feel loved in a way that nobody had ever made me feel before.

All my life I thought there was nothing better than having a love story like the ones in movies. Today, I know there is something better: having a love story with your best friend.


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