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Every end is a new beginning

Three years ago, in one of the darkest moments of my life, I began to investigate how I could turn my life around. In that moment, all I wanted was to escape from the reality I was living. I never imagined that this search would lead me to study a master’s degree at the other end of the world and that it would make me discover the person I truly am and that I like to be. A couple of days ago I attended the graduation ceremony of my masters degree and with it I felt that a wonderful cycle in my life came to an end.

Dressed in a cap and gown, I patiently waited to hear my name to receive my title. In that moment nostalgia invaded me. While the names of the other graduates were being listed, I began to remember the moments that I lived during the two years that my masters course lasted, as if it were the final scene of a Hollywood movie. My name was listed at the end of the master’s degree’s graduates. While I was walking to the stage to receive my title I realised the importance of having a masters title. The “little piece of paper” I got shows that I studied a master’s degree in a country thousands of kilometers from my home, in a second language and that I wrote a thesis that received the highest marks. So while I was going down the stage after receiving my title, I allowed myself to forget about humility and to feel the best in the world because not everyone finishes a master’s degree and much less in a second language.

The cherry on top was that I was fortunate to share this moment with three of the people I love the most in this world: my mom, Guadis (my favourite aunt) and my Marky Mark. And it was there that I realised the real success in my life: I have always been surrounded by the best people. And I think that’s what life is about, to have the ability to recognise the valuable people that cross our path to integrate them into our lives. For me, beyond the academic and professional value that will give me having a master’s degree, the true value of my studies was that they put on my way wonderful people and that (ironically) brought me closer to my family and friends in Mexico.

Although technically I completed my master’s degree six months ago with the delivery of my thesis, it was not until the graduation ceremony that I felt this cycle came to an end. They say that every end is a new beginning and I am ready to continue with whatever is coming my way because as my mother always says “the best is yet to come” …

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