Thanks, 2017!

We are a couple of days away from the 2017. This time of year makes me reflective and I like to revisit my memories throughout the year to thank all the experience in these 365 days. Although not everything was honey on flakes this year, I like to be positive and think that, for the simple fact of being alive and healthy, I had 365 wonderful days.

I made a list on my Spanish blog about my best moments in 2017, but since I restarted this blog just a few months ago, the list wouldn’t make much sense in here. However, one of the best moments has been to restart this site. I am very grateful to be able to connect with people different places of the world through my writings and in 2018 I will put more effort to keep this blog growing.

Finally, I want to give thanks to the Universe for giving me such a generous 2017. I say goodby to this year with all the gratitude that dwells within my heart so that it flies away and leaves space in my heart to be filled with the new experiences, stories and learnings from 2018. This is the last post of the blog in 2017 and I want to finish it with a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for accompanying me and transforming me with your readings. I wish you a 2018 full of good companies, hugs that repair the soul, moments that pass to eternity in the form of good memories, money to have a year without worries, health so that the money is used in pure enjoyment and love so that the enjoyment can be shared and transcends. Let 2018 come with more shared writings! Happy New Year!




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