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No New Year Resolutions for 2018!

The second week of the year is starting. I used to see the beginning of the year as an opportunity to set goals, purposes and personal challenges. I loved creating a list full of New Year’s resolutions. Since three years ago I do not do any of that.

In 2015 I decided to put aside this custom because I was angry at my circumstances and did not want to generate any kind of expectations. Having no resolutions to achieve, I faced an ocean full of opportunities. With nothing to lose, swimming in that ocean was easy and the opportunities for fishing were abundant. When that no-resolutions year ended, I realised that it was the year with the most goals achieved, and dreams fulfilled.

Since then I have not make resolutions for a new year. I like the idea of ​​having no limits, so I enjoy the present more. Without resolutions, I can enjoy the process of everything I undertake without being distressed by the result. Since I do not make a list of resolutions, I feel lighter and live without the pressure to complete what I set out to do. I live the year with more freedom, surprise and gratitude for everything that every day, week and month brings with it.

That’s why this 2018 I do not have any new year resolutions either. This 2018 I want to savour the food without being distressed by my weight. This 2018 I want to exercise because I enjoy it and feel good about it and not because I want to obtain a body that makes me fit in a standard of beauty. This 2018 I want to know new places to learn more about the world and about me and not because I want to cross one more country in the list. This 2018 I want to read more books, see more movies, go more to the theatre and visit more museums because art transforms me and not because art makes me feel more intelligent or cultured. This 2018 I want to enjoy every kiss, every caress, every moment with my partner because happiness when shared becomes bigger and not as an effort to avoid loneliness. Moreover, this 2018 I want to enjoy solitude more because in it I find my true self and the things about myself I need to work on. This 2018 I want to live with more desire and intensity because I’m only going to live once a year 2018 …

Hold on 2018, here I am!


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