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My Predictions for the 90th Academy Awards

This Sunday (Monday morning in Oz) is Hollywood’s most important night: the Oscars ceremony. Since I was a child, I always look forward for this night. Every year, as soon as the nominations are announced I try to see all the films that compete in the Best Movie category and, if possible, I also try to see the films that compete in the categories of acting, directing and scripts.

This year I managed to see the 9 nominees for best film and I think it was a GREAT year for the cinema because all the films are very good. Here are my predictions to the most important categories (I will leave out the technical awards) for this year.

Best Supporting Actor
The winner will be: Sam Rockwell (Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri)
Could win: Nobody else has a chance, Rockwell has won all the awards for a Supporting Actor this year.
I want the winner to be: Sam Rockwell because his character is endearing, fun and full of contrasts.

Best Supporting Actress
The winner will be: Allison Janney (I, Tonya)
Could win: Laurie Metcalf (Lady Bird)
I want the winner to be: Allison Janney, because her performance is blunt, full of nuances and because I feel that ‘I, Tonya’ deserves to be recognised somehow this night as it is a GREAT movie that didn’t make it to the Best Film category (unfairly). I think this category is especially interesting because the two favourites compete with “similar” roles: annoying moms.

Best Animated Movie
Will win: Coco
I want the winner to be: Coco (obviously) but also no one of the other nominated films in this category can beat him. It’s the best animated film EVER made, period (do not believe that I’m being blinded because I am Mexican :P).

Best Writing Adapted Screenplay
Will win: Call me by your name (CBYN)
Could win: I doubt that someone will take the statuette to CBYN because it is the only one of the nominees also competing in the Best Film category.
I want the winner to be: ‘Logan’ because I feel it would be a breakthrough for superhero movies and also because I want CBYN to lose as it was the most overrated movie of this year.

Best Original Screenplay
Will win: Get Out
Could win: Lady Bird
I want the winner to be: The Shape of Water.
‘Get Out’ just won the Writer Guild Award and the experts predict it as the winner because of the message it deliver, because of its success at the box office and because it would be a way to reward a small movie without giving it the maximum statuette. For these same reasons, ‘Lady Bird’ could win it. I want ‘The Shape of Water’ to win this category to secure the Oscar for Best Picture.

Best Director
Will win: Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water)
Could win: nobody, this is award belongs to del Toro because his biggest competition  in the other award ceremonies, Martin McDonagh (director of ‘3 billboards’), was not nominated.

Best Actress
Will win: Frances McDormand (Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri)
I want the winner to be: Meryl Streep. Sorry not sorry, I am Streep’s biggest fan and I ALWAYS want her to win ALL the awards. But beyond my personal bias, her performance in ‘The Post’ is wonderful. However, I think Frances also deserves the Oscar. Her performance is sublime because she created a character who, being a victim, does not victimises herself, but rather uses her situation to empower herself and that connects with the spectator.

Best Actor
Will win: Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour).
This year the acting categories are the most predictable ones (with the exception of Supporting Actress) and Oldman has no competition in this category because his work contains all the elements that the Academy loves: a historical character, a great physical transformation and talent. He is also an actor with an impeccable career that competes against two veterans who have already been Oscar winners on more than one occasion (Denzel Washington and Daniel Day-Lewis) and against two young promises (Timothée Chalamet and Daniel Kaluuya) that will surely be recognised in the future. So undoubtedly this award will go to Mr Gary Oldman.

Best Picture
Will win: The Shape of Water
Could Win: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
I want the winner to be: I want there to be a tie between these two! These two films show the purpose of art in very different but effective ways: to sensitise the viewer. Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri is a work of denunciation, and delivers a very relevant message at a time when Hollywood (and the world) faces so many cases of sexual harassment / abuse against women. The Shape of Water is a celebration of love that awakens in those who see it the purest feelings that human beings have: empathy, protection, nostalgia, hope, understanding. And I think that both films are technically and artistically extraordinary, so if the decision were in me I would declare a tie.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions and what were your favourite movies this year? Do they match? Tell me in the comments!



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