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My first same-sex wedding!

Those who know me know that I love weddings. It fascinates me to see two people who love each other celebrating their love with music, dance, food, friends and family. I’ve always had an incredible time in all the weddings I’ve been to . I love weddings so much that I’ve been planning mine since the first one I attended.

Since I moved to Australia I hadn’t been in a wedding until last Saturday, when I not only attended my first wedding in Australia but also attended a same-sex wedding for the very first time!

I must say that weddings over here are very different from weddings in Mexico. In my home country weddings involve hundreds of guests and twelve hours of partying, here everything is more calm and cozy but just as fun. The wedding I attended last Saturday was even more different to me because being a gay couple, they decided not to follow the heteronormative canons established for weddings and be more faithful to the personality of the couple (if you want to know a little more about this adorable couple, here is a link with a little bit of their history and how they got engaged).

The civil ceremony was held in the Bendigo Art Gallery, surrounded by beautiful paints. The ceremony was constructed as a show. It began with a couple’s friend singing jazz wearing a dress that included Christmas lights. After her first song, she introduced the judge who officiated the ceremony. The judge arrived with a Marie Antoinette style wig and conducted the ceremony with lots of humor, making jokes about marriage, the couple and herself in what seemed like a stand up comedy show. The couple’s vows were in the same tone funny, charming and emotional.

After the ceremony, the guest went to a very trendy lane in Bendigo where the couple’s favourite restaurant is, to celebrate the wedding with a party. The couple and several of the guests are sci-fi lovers so at the entrance of the alley was Dalek (from Dr Who) receiving the guests. Throughout the night there were many delicious options of finger-food to enjoy and later in the evening paella was served.

What I liked most about this wedding was that it was a very authentic. It was a wedding away from the paraphernalia that we normally see at all heteronormative weddings but full of love. This made me think about the opportunity for same-sex couples to reinvent this social act of marriage. Marriage is a legal figure and must be the same for everyone but a wedding is not, and gay people have the freedom to transform it into something unique. I have been to many weddings in which I felt that the whole ‘show’ was designed to bedazzle the guests and not for the couple to enjoy it. After attending my friend’s wedding last Saturday, I came to the conclusion that if I ever get married I want my wedding to talk about me and my partner, about our vision of love, I’d love to make it a vehicle to share our love with the people who are really important to us and who have shared our story.


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