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My house at the end of the world.

In many cultures the concept of Axis Mundi represents the center of the universe, the place where the spiritual world connects with the earthly one. For me, Axis Mundi is the place where we find our center and to which we always seek to return when we feel lost. It is the place where we can be ourselves without fear, where we feel protected and loved. It’s our house. And I found mine at the end of the world.

Last week Mark and I moved to our first house. Something that had both of us excited for months because of everything it represents for our relationship. I was especially excited because I thought that I was finally going to find the Axis Mundi I was looking for since I left my parents’ home to go to university. My surprise at moving was to realise that I had already found my Axis Mundi more than a year ago: Mark.

Mark is my home. It is next to him where I want to rest every night; it is when I am with him when time stops and I find myself without masks or fear. Mark is my Axis Mundo, he is the compass that guides me when I am lost and the home I always want to return to. He is, in a few words, my favourite place in this world.

These first two weeks living in the new house have been weeks of much learning. We have learned to improve our teamwork, to negotiate among ourselves, to deal with the frustrations and annoyances of the other, to indulge each other in new ways. And all that has strengthened our relationship incredibly.

Our house has strong and deep foundations. It is a house full of light and welcoming. But it also has many empty spaces that we will transform step by step not not only filling them with objects but also with the moments and memories we will share in this house.

This house is more than a building, it is a home. And every time I see it when turning around the corner when I coming back from work, I like to think that our house perfectly represents our relationship: strong, profound and with a future ready to be designed ahead.

They say that it is not the house but the people who make a home. It’s true, this is my house at the end of the world, but my home will always be wherever my Mark is.

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