My Life in the land of the Kangaroos

Hello everyone!!!

My name is Alonso. I am a 31 years old world citizen born in Mexico and living in Bendigo, Australia.

I am creating this blog to tell you about how my life develops in this beautiful land, the discovers I make, the struggles I fight, the fears I face, the joy and love that embrace me in this country.

I am ready to get the most out of this wonderful opportunity life has given to me. Please join me in this new chapter of my life and discover Australia, its people and culture through the eyes of a Mexican guy.

Welcome to My Life in the land of the Kangaroos, I hope you can find something useful out of this blog (at least a good reading).

To be part of my new adventure in a more constant way, click on the links below to follow me on my social networks.

Thanks for joining me in this new adventure. Let’s find out together how life is at the land of the kangaroos 🙂

Light & love,

AlonsoProcessed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset



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